Ranking of Historical British TV Journalists and general chat surrounding the news (official, polls, chat)


  1. Moira Stewart
  2. Fred Dinenage
  3. Naga Munchetty
  4. Steve Rosenberg
  5. Trevor McDonald
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no room for Damian Grammaticas unfortunately.

  1. Adrian Chiles

M9 dont think half of these are even on telly anymore

amended the title ffs.

oh historical slap my butt

  1. Harry Gration
  1. Ted Maul
  1. Fred Dineage
  2. Clive Myrie
  3. Naga
  4. Krishnan Guru-Murthy
  5. Fred Dineage
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Huw, Krishnan & Naga would be a great night in the piss

Alastair Stewart the worst

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Nicolas witchell

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John Humphrys

He’s mainly on the radio, but when Eddie Mair gets on the telly he does ok

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Developing a weird soft spot for Chiles after his chats with Elis James and John Robins on 5Live.

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Always liked moira stuart, she kind of looked like my mum when she looked like this, same hair and skintone and as a kid i would point at the tv going “mama she looks like you!!”

And for my dad it was the kfc colonel who looked like a black version of my dad


He’s probably got some incredibly gammony views, but with its jawdropping extremes of comedy and tragedy, I don’t think I’ll ever read a better autobiography than Michael Buerk’s.