Rarer than hens' teeth

Multi packs of Twiglets are on offer at Tezza.

Any other mind boggling shit going down at the moment?

still pronounce them ‘twiggle tees’ after that anecdote I can’t ever get out of my head (was it one of yours, @incandenza ?)


One could say a reply in this thread is rarer than hen’s teeth. Ahahahahahahahaha

Tezza’s have stopped doing Nesquik Cereal. It’s proper annoying

Has it been exterminated by the sugar tax?

Not sure any of you will be interested in this but I have found the best shampoo and conditioner in the world and they are only 79p each (only downside is packaging waste really).
Can’t remember what it’s called so can’t link to it soz but it’s a rip off of -

(this is the supermarket bargains thread yes?)

Can you get refillable shower gel pouches? I have commandeered one of the boy’s old Child’s Farm shower gel bottles (pump action) and would much rather get a pouch but don’t remember seeing any.

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Actually this has a bit of animal cruelty in it.

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You’ll be able to get refills in certain places bhr depends where you live? And if you’re fussy about brand as most refills tend to be eco brands like Faith in Nature.

I could not be any less brand loyal to shower gels but I do not live in a metropolis.

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Might not matter. My local garden centre do refills, and some companies do deliveries of all sorts of stuff

That would be a good idea.

Just so expensive, especially when you include p&p


Ah. Im thinking of companies like M20 refills that work like a milkman. Leave your container out then they come round and fill them but not sure if you have a local equivalent

Do birds have teeth?

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Yeah definitely not where I live. I appreciate that a five litre container still has a lot of plastic but better than 20 smaller containers.

You like twiglets?

Well i use castille soap for everything except shower gel as i get soap bars instead.

Fuck yeah!