Rarity Does London - Saturday 31st

Hi folks! I’m doing a quick whistlestop visit through London at the end of the month cause I’m going to a wrestling show. I’ll have a few hours free in the afternoon and I would love to spend it with a great bunch of GBOLs from DiS! And if we ask real nicely @xylo might show face at some point as well! So who wants to meet up for a few bevvys? :smiley:

  • I’m there
  • I’m square
  • Not on Londonbook or else I would be

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Out of town that weekend, sadly.

Not on London book but will try to come along after the football

I’ll be at EOTR sorry. Come back soon

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It’s Reading Pride that day. Would’ve loved to have met you! :pensive:
Hope there’ll be a chance in the future.
Oh, are you in Manchester?

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Will be back in Cardiff that weekend :frowning:
Hope you have the best time though, and that Zacky pulls off Tana’s arm :blush:

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That’s fair. I know I’m fabulous but even I’m not as fabulous as all Reading’s gays and queers :rainbow:

Manchester is far too north for my blood. I’m in Bristol

I love Bristol! Have a good mate who lives there so next time we visit I’ll let you know :blush:

Ooh please do, would be a joy to have you both here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Imma arrange a gnomey/avery bristol meat asap


Soz Rarity… I have plans already that are far less fabulous.

Hopefully before you arrive!! :wink:

Meanie of the Week


what a week for yer pois, @avery


Top lad :+1:


At end of the road festi

November’s gonna be great :slight_smile:


Yo, so I’m going to be in a pub near King’s Cross from about 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. Show I’m going to in the evening starts early and I want to make sure I’m on time so I’ll be leaving around 5:00. I’ll have a book with me but if anyone wants to drop by and say hi you’re very welcome :smiley:

As for the pub I’m thinking the Lighterman but if anyone has a better recommendation just let me know!