Raspberry Pi s


There is a piece of software I want to run (a third party patch editor for my synth) that is only available for windows or Linux. I have neither of these, I thought getting a £35 raspberry pi might be the solution (would also like to set up the retro games thing). My question is is the operating system on it able to run software for Linux as it is only based on it. Also anyone have any experience using one of these with midi hardware, is it a nightmare of configuration?


I set up a retro pi a few months back, really wasn’t too bad.

Can’t imagine trying to do anything custom with it though, linux is scary


Raspberry Pis do run Linux, pretty much any flavour you like, however, you should check the software to see if it requires an x86 chip architecture IMO, becasue Raspberry Pis are ARM chips or something like that.

Google should be able to find out.

In terms of the Pi it should be a good solution for the Retrogaming thing: You’ll just need a keyboard and mouse setup. There should be a number of Memory card downloads for this purpose that you can just burn to an SD card and then put in the Pi so you don’t even need to worry about Linux too much.


I might get one for the games and if it works for the synth editor will consider it a bonus


To use Linux you definitely need to have another computer you’re happy with that has the internet to Google every, single, bloody thing!

What I tend to find is there are a loads of good instructions on how to do exactly what you want. And for machines like the Pi, there’s usually an SD card image with a completely setup Linux you can download and apply.

The downside to this is that when they occasionally crap out you haven’t used the thing at all so you have to go back to Google to learn how to use it again.


Thanks, I can’t see a mention of x86 so I will give it a shot


If you’re thinking about going for it, I can recommend Pimoroni for anything you might need. They sell Pis, and they also produce and sell hardware and kits, including all the guides and scripts you need to get going.

Their kit for making an Airplay-compatible wireless music system is brilliant.


Thanks I’ll check them out


whenever i read anything about raspberry pis i take an interest, because it seems like an interesting thing but i dont really understand what they are. its probably the name that makes me take an interest every time because it sounds delicious, but no i still dont understand what they are and what they do and stuff. i know, like theyre programming?things, and you can run software?with them but i dont really understand


I think they are basically a very cheap computer so suitable for messing around with and using for projects


Don’t be silly Theo. It’s been The Year of Linux every year since 2001. They must have got it sorted by now :wink:


Hah hah.

I don’t mean to imply Linux is actually scary. The same thing holds true for me and my Mac. I have to Google anything that isn’t web browsing pretty much and I’ve had it for 4 years. :smiley: If you don’t use a piece of tech all the time it’ll stump you.


I know loads of people who bought one. I was tempted for the same reasons as you.

Most of them are now gathering dust next to those Arduino things, as people realised they aren’t as easy to use as they had assumed.