Rat Facts

I’m going to a quiz tonight where the guest round is Rats.

Tell me some rat facts.

They don’t have to be true but they need to be about rats and to sound like facts.

If we win the quiz I’ll share my split of the takings with whoever gave me the most helpful rat fact(s)

and you’ve been caught!

Nice reference. I’m not discounting the possibility of Boomtown Rats related questions.

What was the name of the guy who was always in his pyjamas?

rats and cats are well known enemies, despite being very close in spelling

roland rat

He invented the roland keyboard


Whatever you do don’t listen to ‘Rats’ by Pearl Jam for reference. It’s full of fake rat facts. The first line alone - 'They don’t eat/don’t sleep’ is 100% wrong.


Ratatouille is not in fact cooking using two rats.


rats are a quite a lot like mice

One rat and a hapless chef, iirc

Razvan Rat is a footballer

Hmm, was he also known as Johnnie Fingers?

Johnnie Fingers (born John Peter Moylett , 10 September 1956) is an Irish keyboardist and co founding member (along with Bob Geldof) of the new wave band, The Boomtown Rats. He was notable for his attire of striped pyjamas on stage as well as his melodic piano style.

All on the floor
Rat facts
Give me some more
Rat facts
Till u get sore
Rat facts oh-oh-oh-oh


no, the chef deffo has a hat

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Oh fuck, why didn’t someone tell me this earlier.

How do I unlearn all this crap?

Rat is the German for advice

the boomtown rats were new wave?

Despite all his rage, Billy Corgan isn’t actually a rat, let alone an imprisoned one. He is a person. A person with feelings


Sorry saps. I like Eddie Vedder but he’s fundamentally untrustworthy when it comes to animal facts.

So. Many. Feelings.

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the well known computer peripheral was very nearly called a rat, but bill gates changed his mind at the last minutes because “fuck rats”