Rat Facts

Went to a big pet shop for fun on the weekend
Here’s a lovely rat I saw


This is exactly the sort of thing that I think will come up tonight. Cheers, laelfy, you’re a lifesaver.

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The phrase “like rats leaving a sinking ship” is misleading because, if you think about it, why the fuck would rats leave a sinking ship? They’d just end up in the sea and drown sooner. FFS.

rats are excellent swimmers but not if they’re dragged under water by the sinking wreckage

[edit] technically they remain excellent swimmers but don’t get so much opportunity to do it anymore

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When I go to the casino and I loose a hand I often exclaim ‘ah rats! Rony got no luck tonight’



Just googled some actual rat facts:

1)rats teeth never stop growing throughout their life!
2)rats usually live for less than a year!


Ooh here comes a rat expert with ‘proper’ rat facts

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La di fucking da

Just have me on speed dial.

They dream of places they want to explore. They have tactical combat skills. Their teeth chatter when they’re happy and it’s called bruxing. They have hopeful thoughts. They are ATDs.


Oh and they get penis plugs which is the less delightful side of them reaching old age.

They’re prone to respiratory problems too. Don’t feel like these are helpful facts though.

That’s BS I’m afraid. They live to 2 on average if from a good breeder, sometimes up to 4 but that’s very rare.

I imagine it maybe 1 year in the wild though

far be it for me to question a fact in this thread but


Hmm Idk. I mean I just saw a dead one squished by a car so yeah, they’re more at risk but health wise they’d still expect to reach 2. Along wild country rats might get gobbled by a big bird or whatever but isn’t the average life based on health and not those factors or prey or man.

Oh I remembered another thjng that might come up.

Rat kings.

When a group of rats all get joined by the tail and can’t untangle. I love rats buts it’s gross and terrifying. Anyway that’s the term for it - rat king.

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How does that happen?

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Why would they do that?

Think it’s in dirty cramped conditions where effectively their poo binds the tails together. I don’t know exactly how common this is as they’re actually very clean and surely it must take a long time to occur. It’s a true occurrence but its better known through it’s use in myth and folklore (I think)


Towers of London did a song called I’m A Rat