Rat thread 🐀 (rolling)

Hands on their hips there :heart_eyes:

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Would love to be tiny for a day and hang out in their cage


So perfect :star_struck: imagine being part of that cuddle.

I used to constantly wish mine had phones so i could call them when i was at work.




Clever little donut


Really miss my boys :frowning:


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Hello rat thread! Our eldest is into the idea of getting a pair of rats as her first ever pets. What should I be looking at in terms of a habitat? Assume they need a decent amount of space to express themselves.

great news!

they don’t need massive cages but they need regular play time outside of the cage (at least 1h per day) and lots of enrichment inside the cage to stop them from getting bored, e.g. multiple levels, hammocks, those sputnik houses, lava ledges and cardboard boxes. mine especially loved cardboard boxes so i filled my flat up with them. when I let mine out I first kept them confined to one room and once they were less skittish gave them free rein of the flat. you can also set up a play pen or something if that’s easier though. if you get boys then at the beginning they’ll be very energetic and restless and once they’re older will become very lazy and cuddly. female rats carry on being energetic for most of their lives

for bedding, most people use recycled paper or another substrate, and that’s what I started with but one of my boys had respiratory problems which I think were aggravated by that so I switched to fleece which I washed every couple of days. it’s good to use a different type of bedding in their litterboxes to in the rest of the cage either way

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Great info - thanks. Was not aware of how much out of cage time they need :open_mouth:

And you can release them into a room and they won’t just fuck off forever? When I was a kid we lost a hamster under the floorboards for about a week…

If you give them enough attention that they get comfortable with you then yeah, mine would all go off into their separate corners when I let them out and then come to me when I called them

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What kind of size cage should I be looking at for two rats?