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want a new bin.

how’s your bin?


I’ve been good thanks, you?


thought about a ‘how u bin, hun?’ style thread title but decided against it in the end.

not really after bants with this thread, want some serious consumer advice. @marckee


leaves thread


where bounce you bin hun?




No, where’s you wheelie bin?


We deliberated for ages over our new kitchen bin. They can be really expensive. Not sure I’m completely happy with the choice (she made) now if I’m honest. This doesn’t help does it.





I’ve got a really expensive fancy bin (hey ladies) off a family member that was chucking it out. it’s fucking shite. the bag pure rips to bits when you try and take it out and it fucks me off every single time.
this new bin is going to be researched thoroughly I tell you.


10 corbyn’s out of 10


pedal or swing ?


Dunno, it came with the house. It’s perfectly fine but doesn’t particularly excite me, if I’m honest.


Famously able to swallow all detritus


when did people on here stop being obsessed with Jeremy Corbyn? was there not someone who like went on about him at every opportunity? did I imagine that?




Hasn’t got on with it enough imo


how’s yr bin aggers


Still_here doesn’t post as much these days.


knew i should have shelved this one until @Balonz was back at work