Rate every season of a drama series you like


For instance…

The Wire
S1: 10/10
S2: 10/10
S3: 8/10
S4: 10/10
S5: 5/10

  • To keep the thread interesting we’ll say nothing that had more than eight seasons.

  • Yes, S5 of The Wire was that bad.

  • Minimal chat, please.



Reckon S5 could have been salvaged if it was 13 eps like the rest of em?


S1: 8/10
S2: 10/10
S3: 9/10
S4: 8/10
S7: 7/10
S9: Expunged from records



S01 10/10
S02 10/10
S03 10/10
S04 12/10
S05 6/10


See, i think there’s a very clear dip in quality around S4. If you made a list of the very best episodes the majority are before S4, no?


Would agree with this (but still have S05 as an 8.5/10)


True detective
S1 9/10
S2 1/10


wooooah. season 2 is nowhere near as good as 1, but still a solid 6…easy


Pretty much the worst QC of any programme I’ve ever seen. Some were AMAZING, some were absolute garbage. I find a lot of the newer episodes really charming - I’m in the minority though, I reckon.

I agree with your ‘The Wire’ overview btw, S2 was my absolute fave :heart_eyes:


S1 - 9/10 (due to McConaghey)
S2 - 5/10 (pouty woman and whatsisname made it boring)


on a TD tip - probably the best 6 minutes in TV history. for me, anyway


‘easy…easy, easy now’



I’ll agree to meet in the middle. It was really bad

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sorry, gonna chat

happy to see Season 2 rated that high - I’m re-watching the whole thing again at the moment and am currently in the middle of S2 - never understood why people were so down on it back in the day, maybe that’s changed since though.

bloody love the Sobotkas. and Ziggy’s duck.


I’d argue it has the most immediate characters of any other series bar S4. It’d almost certainly work better as a standalone as well in that you could jump in and just watch S2. Perhaps that’s why some people aren’t taken by it, because it feels detatched from the first series a bit in terms of setting and main premise.


Rewatching the wire currently
Agree season 5 is by far the worst

Season 2 is slightly worse than 1 though I love Frank Sobotka and his story.
I’m a big fan of Slim Charles, Bodie and Marlo plus all the kids and Prez as a teacher so seasons 3 and 4 are the best for me Clive.



the wiah:

S1: 9/10
S2: 10/10
S3: 9/10
S4: 9/10
S5: 8/10

fucking loved all of it tbh.


man, the wire is just the fucking best isn’t it




4 > 2 > 1 > 3 >>>>> 5 > 6 > 8 > 7


I think Season 3 of The Wire is really underrated.