Rate my meal deal

Although not sure brown bread works well with breakfast sandwiches

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Detest egg in sandwiches, top tier crisps, drink is fine if you’re having it outside of the meal IMO

Had Veggie boxing day curry wrap, chili heat wave doritos, diet coke from sainos

+100 points for the crisp choice, but -94 for the diet coke I’m afraid

Didnt have cans of coke zero, didnt fancy full sugar

Feel like this is gonna be a low score but I’m pretty pleased with it

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No polly no scorey


those paprika max crisps are the best. like a bean and cheese wrap, and cherry coke is great but prefer a smoothie in a meal deal. A solid selection imo

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Took me about 5 mins to work out how but now a poll there is

Coke knocks you way down, a Fanta or IB or whatever else would see you getting an 8

7 from me. Not the main I’d choose but doesn’t sound unpleasant. Drink and crisp choices are top notch though.

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