Rate my sandwich

Fake fish is a worry for me. I really hate fish because the smell/taste is disgusting so if it’s actually good at fakery ahm oot

Take the olives out and I’m in

I’d probably want 2 of those too

I’m a massive fish taste/smell fan. These basically taste like fish fingers which isn’t a particularly fishy taste imo

Hmmm :grimacing:

I ground some pepper over before closing the sandwich and some of it went on the plate

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I meant @1101010 ‘s microscopic peppers !

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Save it for Thursday!


ruined by the cheddar unfortunately - has no place alongside your other ingredients,

I say no to the vinegar, but otherwise good.

another sandwich ruined by an unnecessary addition (mayo and capers) but the fundamentals are sound.

stop ruining good sandwiches dis, ffs. you’re almost there.

I enjoy to eat mayo AND capers I’m afraid

I don’t get capers. Weird, hard small salty things I don’t want in my mouth, thanks


taste like gas too.

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Definitely weird small and salty but hard?

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Thank you for reminding me about mojo sauce! Can you share your recipe please? Apologies if you already have…

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Would say the textures softer than an olive. Very easy to mush up

Any particular gas? Helium? Argon? Carbon dioxide?

Sorry guys I meant 5mm.

Having a moment