Rate my songs!

Hey I have just uploaded a new album on soundcloud and I would love to get feedback on it.

Link: Vibe

So everybody who is interested, rate my songs! :slight_smile:


Hello Anton Stoll and welcome to the uncategorized board. I would say I’d like your music a lot more if you cut back on the amount of piano you use.

Thank you very much! That’s helpful.

Not as good as She’s got that Vibe but you are probably a better person that R Kelly.

Verdict: score draw.

My pleasure. You’d get more feedback if this was posted on the music board, no one will see it out here on the uncategorized board. @1101010 can you move it? It seems I’m no longer at the necessary trust level to move threads anymore.

Yeah that would be actually great

It’s been done, thread has been moved to the music board. Thanks @1101010

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You’ve tricked me into posting on the music board Adultman! Don’t think this will be forgotten.