Rate the bank holidays

Christmas Day
Boxing Day
Good Friday
Early May Bank Holiday
Late May Bank Holiday
St Patrick’s Day
Easter Monday
New Year’s Day
August Bank Holiday
12th July

I think I’m going to go with this, but I reserve the right to change it if I so wish. Halloween should be a bank holiday too.

Regional variations etc are allowed and chat is welcome, what else do we come here for if not chat?

I rate the bank holidays very highly.



They’re all a bit crap really, but…

Xmas Day + Boxing Day (It’s Xmas and no work and etc)
New Years Day (no work, or a bit of triple time and a lieu day)

All others

ban request

They’re shit though, aren’t they? Much prefer working them and getting an extra week of holiday entitlement…

Seriously they all get the job done don’t they?

I think New Year has to go at the bottom, because it only exists for you to have a hangover in, then you have to go back to work. Perhaps the early May one just above that, because the weather will probably still be shit. But all the others are the same.

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Most of those aren’t bank holidays

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nerd klaxon

Good Friday is the best. Always 3 days to recover if necessary.

Tier 1:
Christmas Day and Boxing Day (though I’m not a fan of random 27/28 December bank holidays when Christmas falls on the weekend)
Tier 2:
Easter (four day weekend just when you need one); New Year’s Day (would be brutal to have to work it)
Tier 3:
The rest (hit and miss weather-wise)

Subthread: if you could move one bank holiday, what would you move?

I’d probably shove the Mayday holiday to sometime between mid-June and mid-July

Christmas Day to June

One of the spring time ones to October

take it and make the August one a double.

dont be that guy, no one really thinks this

Could sit out in the garden with a case of Sol and have a massive BBQ feast instead of Xmas dinner. Think about it.

I wish it could be the middle of June, every daaaaay…

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you could do that anyway. you’re out of control, pal

We could go the whole hog, move Christmas to August and sit around in shorts, barbecuing plum puddings all day like a bunch of Australians.

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