Rate The Continients

Which continent is best?

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Australasia
  • Antarctica

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An inconventinient trut


Their second album was probably their masterpiece

the wha ?

Antarctica has :penguin:

Also saw an exhibition once about the architecture of South Pole research stations. Basically cause of the snow both on the ground and falling from the sky, they inevitably sink / get buried and have to get abandoned. Which means the crushed remains of all the past ones are still down there somewhere, buried under decades of snow.


I would have to say The Best of The Continents



Continents > incontinence

misread this as condiments and thought HERE WE FUCKING GO AGAIN


no thanks

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Australasia II

They’re all shit


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Very touching post! Africa seems totally amazing, it’s a real shame it’s portrayed so badly by racists here.

I get pissed off that there’s so few history programs about anything other than England/Western Europe on the TV.

Would be well up for a good African history podcast!

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Forgot about Zealandia. smdh

i would love there to be more documentaries about african history on tv that aren’t just about ancient egypt. i like egyptian history but there is a whole continent there!

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with Egypt it’s often Cleopatra as well who is basically portrayed as a white woman (well Ptolemaic etc so I get it) so it just adds to this narrative that only white people have refined civilisation.

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Recent condiments story.

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Definately should have program on uk tv about Burkino Faso and Thomas Sankara.

The greatest national leader of last century (according to me)

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