Rate the irkage


Scenario 1:
You arrange for a removal company to come and give a quote on Friday. They call up on Friday, 40 mins past the time they said to say they can’t make it. They are apologetic, you agree to them coming the next day.
The next day you rush home again to be back for them. Tidying the place and waking up small children from their naps. They don’t turn up and you can’t get through to them.
Rate the irkage

  • I would be fucking raging irked
  • That would irk me a hell of a lot
  • That would irk me a bit
  • That wouldn’t irk me at all
  • It doesn’t matter, I just hope they’re ok?!

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I would be… Irked, thinking fuck 'em, and finding someone else.


I’m not actually that irked… think I normally would be, but have had a good day…and a roofer failed to turn up last week…and then a carpet layer…so…this is my life now


I went moderate but then I remembered just how stressful the whole moving business is at the best of times and upgraded.


I’m significantly irked just reading this.


Never should have asked em back a second time. Never forget, never forgive.


Thing is, miss one appointment and I’m totally chill, doesn’t be bother me at all, find it endearing if someone is really really sorry or embarrassed by it. But miss 2 and I think you’re subhuman scum unworthy of love


Snigger, I’ve got Aeon in my head now “Pray for forgiveness, Forgiveness DENIED”


Actually had experience like thus recently - moving out of our old flat and the managing agent recommended a cleaning company. Contacted them, didn’t hear anything, contacted them again, didn’t hear anything, got the managing agent to tell them to get in touch with us, and they finally did - 5pm the day before we moved and needed them in. Quoted us £16ph, asked if they could come round at 7am the following morning. Eventually talked them down to 8am, cos we weren’t even living in the flat at that point.

They turned up at 9:30am. At 845am, they had called my partner to ask for the address (!). When they arrived they said “oh, we went to [next door’s number] by mistake”. After looking around our 2.5 room flat for a good ten minutes, they quoted me £160 (y’know, ten hours work).

I was already pretty irked, but this sent me over the edge, and I basically shouted at them to get the hell out. A+, would probably do again.

In conclusion: don’t rent from Zone Letting in Edinburgh.


Please feel free to use this thread to list your own irkage scenarios with an irkage rating scale of your choosing as I currently don’t have any more as am so,so chill.


You organise the delivery of some items from London to The beautiful south coast. You agree with the driver that he will arrive in London between 5 & 6 and then bring down after that. You didn’t realise it would be this late tbh, but ok, they’ll be here by 9pm ish?
They still haven’t arrived at the house in London, aren’t picking up your calls and haven’t replied to your messages.

  • Just how much shit do you have ffs?
  • That it is quite irksome
  • That’s very irksome
  • Oh my irksome
  • Why do delivery drivers hate you?
  • Wouldn’t care

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  • quite irked, who would do that?
  • that’s fine

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Mate, be glad I’m leaving the country/would never get the bus in north london. Practically a crime in se to be seen on a bus without a pie.


Find it difficult to believe that even in the godless heckhole that is SE London that people would eat hot food on crowded public transport


People gotta eat, man.



Not great but live and let live innit
Shared a bus with a live chicken a few weeks back so could probably live through someone eating a pie


Second doing of the day by the ruffmeister. Congratulations :smiley:

Just imagining you on the n205 sitting next to a chicken going berserk.


Would much prefer that tbh


*Chicken quietly reading the back page of the Evening Standard.