Rate Your Breakfast

Update: I really overdid the almond milk. Never got the balance quite this wrong before. Complete shambles.

Still alright though. 6/10 maybe.

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Or just a poor student :slight_smile: :frowning:

Ah, I misunderstood. Thought you meant one of those all you can eat style buffet places.

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My avocado wasn’t ripe!! I had to have toast with butter and jam.

It was ok/10

Probably an 8/10 most days but somewhat rushed this morning.

urgh stop posting pictures of really nice drinking vessels. Wheres this one from?

Close the thread - you’ve won.

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:grinning: I love that you call them drinking vessels. These are from those shit bastards at urban outfitters.

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This is why I am in charge of drinking things!!

Would I??


Ha ha I’m sure there’s nothing more you’d enjoy than a quick 9 right now :wink:

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Mug of tea




A little bit disappointing I’m afraid.

Three slices of Hovis Granary medium slice toast (I’d prefer thick slice)

I’d ordinarily have the end bits and one normal slice however today the end bits both had holes in them:

This meant I just had three normal slices (one slice did however have the corresponding crusty bit where the hole on the end bit was)

Also, we had run out of Clover so I had to have Flora instead which is not as nice.

The tea is reliably excellent however.

@sheeldz has played, “Delicious looking photo.” All players must now deduct 2 points from their breakfast scores.


sheeldz used PERFECTLY POSED PHOTO AND FILTER! It was super effective!

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Some boring low sugar granola that was £1 in Home Bargains. Really needed some more sugar. The packaging is banging on about it being fuel for running a 10k. I am not running a 10k and never will, if I was I think I’d want some more sugar.

  • Maltesers Bunny thing
  • Black cwafee
  • Couple of chocco digestives


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10 out of freaking TEN.

Chewy morning roll, slice, tattie scone, and lashings of Harrisons Finest Broon sauce. A 500ml flask of hot coffee.

This hangover hasn’t even landed on me.


we got a pro, here!

Mates I would do such wrong things for a greasy breakfast bap

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Two words for you Tone.

Bread. Machine.