Rate Your Breakfast

Think that would be a bit excessive in the work-related arena

You get toast at work?!

Big time mate, big time.

are you provided any breakfast at work?

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We get milk and teabags. Well, in theory. There’s never any milk. They get it delivered in like, 12 1-pint containers. Must cost an arm and a leg.

@anon5266188 what’s on offer

Toast, cereals, tea, coffee. Sometimes crumpets, bagels etc when a delivery has just been done. Smoothies and juices during crunch.

smoothies :open_mouth: where do you work, at the ritz hotel in london?!?!

No I don’t work at the Ritz Hotel in London. I work at Sports Interactive games development studio in London instead.

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pret berry pot and granola.

they just changed the granola recipe and whether that was a smart move is moot

6/10 but I retain the right to alter after some contemplation

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1x Large bowl coco pops
1x Large mug of tea
A dependable 8/10

Three nut butter on seeded brown - 5/10

Nut butter was freshly opened a was really oily at the top which I didn’t like and a bit claggy. Bread did that thing where top bit breaks away.

Earl Grey - 5/10

Parent’s have twinning brand but co-op’s are miles better.

Might have a coffee as spre throat has all but gone.

Had porridge with honey and banana and a V60 coffee, and some OJ


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