Rate Your Kitchen

Your kitchen, do you like it? Is it a large space where you’ll always be found at parties? Or is it a cramped galley reminiscent of a submarine? How’s the sink? Storage, enough or requires more? Gas hob, electric, or induction?

Let’s chat about kitchens, or not

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gas hobs

thank fuck

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Good quality fittings, too submariney

Electric & induction


It’s quite big (I’d guess about 14ft x 14ft), and it’s been recently fitted.

Fuck all works, though. And it’s full of mice.



cramped galley, fridge doesn’t work properly, oven is a bit naff, cupboard doors are made of cheap mdf and disintegrating. hob is a stupid electric thing.

need a new one

Rubbish. Nasty paint colour, cramped, crappy lino floor, tired old flat pack cupboards.

Going to do it up at some point but need to work out if we’re likely to stay in this house long term before going ahead with the more expensive things we’d like to do, like knocking the wall through to the dining room

Gas hob though, at least

it’s pretty small, and the fridge is one of those under-the-counter with a small freezer compartment that always overfreezes. It also has no windows. If I was the owner I’d knock down the wall and make a breakfast bar thing to the lounge

It’s OK. A bit cramped at the back door end. Would like a utility if we did an extension. Had some LED strips fitted under and over the units which I love.


It’s an open kitchen and part of the living room, so guests are being entertained while the cooking is going on.



Perfectly adequate


Most important feature: the wine fridge

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Great fittings, too small and not enough surface space. Currently doubling as 2nd office space when we both have meetings. Electric hob, big fridge, small freezer.

Can’t wait to move our new kitchen which is an absolute 10/10 banger

Pros: Decent spice rack, gas hobs, toaster at the top of the cupboard.
Cons: Too small, lino floor pretty shabby, oven hood needs replacing



Not enough cupboard space, no hood above the hob, so gets warm and damp when cooking, shite fridge that freezes everything that’s at the back of it, electric hob (never thought I’d miss a gas hob so much), crap lino floor, leaky sink, no enough surface space.

It’s functional, but I like spending time in a kitchen and can’t here. Like, there’s been no thought to the layout, just stuff plonked wherever. Cupboards are probably the best part of it, just want and need more of them

Don’t like it at all.

Part of the living room, for one thing, so noise is an issue. Wood laminate floor is awful. Cheap metal sink. Sealant is going. Units were painted by previous owners but have numerous dings in them.

Only positives are decent amount of storage space and gas hob.

  • I own my house and I hate my kitchen
  • I don’t own my house and I hate their kitchen

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Used to like it. Got a bit tatty. Bored of it now. Fairly spacious though so shouldn’t complain. 6/10.

Man, the stuff it be doing to this house if I owned it. It’s a good space, but requires lots of work to unleash its potential. But I have no savings, and a bit of debt, so house ownership is out of the question

Oven is incredibly erratic and hard to predict. Cheap, poorly layed lino with trapped folds on the floor. Skirting under cupboards is wedged in place and falls out every now and then. Fridge freezer is in the living room as there’s no space.

But actually quite like it overall?

It’s pretty good. Lots of light, lots of workspace, lots of cupboard space, and it backs onto the garden with two doors that open right out so it’s good for letting neighbourhood cats wander in and chill out when Dr Mrs Epimer isn’t around summer.

I was sceptical about the induction hob and would prefer gas but it’s fine really. I want to replace the worktops though, they’re clearly the cheapest ones Howden sell and they’re already damaged after two years of use (and we always use chopping boards, pot stands etc). Also want to replace the sink and tap because stainless steel and hard water is a very bad combination. Also need to get tiles/a splashback done.


Used to be gross and mouldy and falling apart but redid it all a couple of years ago - did the design and “kitchen fitter” jobs myself which was stressy but saved a few grand I think.

Gas hob, electric oven. Decent amount of storage.

Turntable included obviously

Want to put tiles in behind the bin at some point cos i definitely should have done that in the 1st place

In an ideal world I’d have no cupboards over the worktops cos they are annoying but I needed the storage space