Rate Your Kitchen

Oh yeah. It’s all just wooden boxes anyway isn’t it.

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The Ikea delivery finally turned up today. I now have work surfaces and the cupboard for the oven :dancing_women:


this is thread is now the ‘shes_so_high kitchen renovation blog’ thread


Broadly happy with ours. Went for an under worktop fridge with fridge freezer in the garage which keeps it clean but maybe not the best idea on reflection. About a year old.


This thread made me annoyed with my kitchen more than usual. Got rid of the ladder shelf thing that did my head in and have put a little side unit thing in its place.

It means I cant shut the door if I keep it there but think it looks weird if I push it up closer to the black counter. So no door shutting it is.

Stupid shelf…



Everyone has a ‘bad cupboard’ in their kitchen right?

Y’know, where you keep all the sweets, crisps, biscuits & chocolate …maybe booze too ? Or is this only people who have kids?

All of my cupboards are bad cupboards then

Haven’t touched it since we moved in 7 years ago. It’s a good size with plenty of workspace and storage but it’s so messy at the moment. The oven is so old and useless and the grill but doesn’t work. One wall (and stairs) are blue.

It’s a big job to sort and one we want to do next ideally but…money.

Has about 18 plug sockets too oddly.

We don’t call it a bad cupboard because we don’t moralise food but we certainly have a cupboard stuffed to bursting with chocolate, biscuits and sweets.


Our bad cupboard is the one under the sink because it’s really damp and rotten and fucking raaaaaank