Rate your last hot drink

Currently working through an 8/10 cup of tea. Standard office kitchen teabags, no milk, but just the right strength to be satisfying without being astringent. Enjoyable.

cafetiere coffee with a dash of milk in a cute bear mug. 8/10

Ran out of ground coffee at work so had to have an instant with milk but didn’t get the quantity of milk right where you can make it taste a little bit creamy and slightly velvety. Genuinely a 1/10 experience.

You deserve it for trying to make a milky coffee. Smelling my damn hands, Iron.

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9/10 tea currently being drunk here: decent teabag (could only be better if it was loose leaf), dash of milk. Almost perf.

Had a big cup of lemon tea last night. 6.5/10, not bad, but nothing extraordinary.

Saw those illy espresso jars were on offer in Sainsbos on the way to work, grabbed one of those, aeropressed it good, 9/10 happy days.

Cup of tea in bed - Clipper organic, milk, no sugar, in an excellent, quite thick but slightly undersized, mug.

I’m not having a black instant coffee eps, no fucking way. Black all day, every day with ground/beans.

Jasmine Green Tea. 7/10

I drink it nearly every day. It’s fine. It does the job. The job being ‘wake me up a bit, and make me need bog’.

You know what grinds my beans? Dunno, you’d need to ask the person at Pact.

drinking a mug of PG right now

left the bag in a little too long but to be optimal but still very good - 7.9/10

Pact have dropped off a bit recently in my humble imho.

I’m regretting changing from Rave and will switch back as soon as I can be arsed.

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Humm… I’d say 6/10

Freshly ground lidls coffee done with an aeropress with milk. Fine. Just fine.

There’s your problem.



Got some of that Nescafe ‘Cap Columbie’ stuff on offer in Tesco and it is 100% the best instant coffee I’ve come across.

I believe you are incorrect.

Assam, for breakfast. Dash of milk, no sugar.

i really tried making a go of being a black coffee guy but it didn’t take :confused: