Rate your senses out of 10

Sight - good close up, bit blurry at distance, -2.25. eyes get very watery went it’s windy 5/10

Hearing too good if anything, amount of times I’ve heard people slagging me off from three rooms away :cry: 10/10

Smell awful, can’t differentiate between things, if someone’s cooking a roast chicken I almost always think it’s apple pie. 2/10

Taste dunno? stuff tastes nice. probably not great given the sense of smell issues tho, anyone who rates themselves as having a great sense of taste is probably an egomaniac 5/10?

Touch very goodsense of touch, if I’ve been touched you best believe I’ve noticed. 8.5/10



I’d give them all 4.5/10.

Find it hard to distinguish between my senses and my sensory processing/10


Sight: 5/10 (short sighted, poor with colours)
Hearing: 7/10
Taste: 8/10
Smell: 7/10
Touch: 6/10
Balance: 2/10

Sight - 1/10 hence my industrial strength glasses
Hearing - 6/10
Smell - 9/10
Taste - 9/10
Touch - Not sure how to judge this but 7/10 maybe
Giving a total of 6.4/10, cheers.

Smell - 6.5/10, pretty good. My nose knows what it likes and what it doesn’t.

Taste - never heavily smoked or anything so pretty unscathed? 7/10

Touch - too touchy, if anything 4/10

Hearing - well, I’m a very light sleeper and the slightest noise will keep me up, which isn’t really a good thing. Hearing is pretty good but being subjected to loud stuff takes its toll very quickly 6/10

Sight - never had glasses or anything. Pretty FUCKING good - 8.5/10

Seeing dead people - 0/10. Never have

Edit for Balance. Awful. 3/10

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Sight: 9/10 close to perfect
Hearing: 5/10 too many gigs
Taste: 0/10 I have the palette of a 3 year old
Smell: 10/10 I can smell EVERYTHING
Touch: 10/10 love touching things
Balance: 3/10 love falling over

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balance isn’t a sense. grow up.

Sight: 6/10 - find it hard to make out people’s faces from far away and I need reading glasses
Hearing: 6/10 - too much of that loud music as a teenager
Smell: 9/10 - too good if anything, get really bothered by smells like industrial cleaning products and stinky train toilets when no one else can even notice anything
Taste: 8/10
Touch: dunno, 9/10 I guess

what about humour

Sight: 8/10 - I feel like it’s great but then people always think that and then they need glasses innit
Hearing: 4/10 - I have tinnitus and I can’t hear people when they talk to me from the next room
Taste: 7/10 - Think I have a decent palate
Smell: 3/10 - I’m always the person who says “I can’t smell anything” when people say “What’s that smell?”
Touch: 9/10 - My first touch is sometimes really good for someone who is a very poor player
Balance: 8/10 - I don’t fall over often

not in my thread vine

sight 2/10 wear glasses
hearing 2/10 wear hearing aids
taste 9/10 love food
smell 7/10 I can smell things
touch 10/10 I remember touch

Sight 9/10
Hearing 8/10
Smell 4/10
Taste 7/10
Touch 9/10
Balance 7/10
Perspective 8/10

Dread 9/10

Echolocation 0/10
Hygroreception 0/10
Vomeronasal 8/10 (I wish)
Thermoception 7/10
Proprioception 8/10
Chronoception 5/10
Hearing Average
Smell Average
Taste Average
Sight Getting worse by the day

SIght: 9/10. Don’t wear glasses but I’m aware it’s not as sharp as it was twenty years ago.
Sound: 8/10. Can hear the loud things.
Taste: 7/10. Can usually taste stuff.
Smell: 1/10. Genuinely believe people who go on about being able to smell garlic the next day are lying for some bizarre reason of their own.
Touch: 7/10. Not a leper.
Self: 1/10

Sight - pretty much perfect, good at distance, good close up, no colour blindness. great bunch of eyes - 9.5/10

Hearing - does its job without being spectacular. Slight tinnitus - 7/10

Taste - is fine is suppose. Not an overly sophisticated palate, but can tell the difference between a steak pie and a beer - 6.5/10

Smell - nose works as it should, one careful owner. Never sniffed powder or have any sort of sinus issues so again positive stuff - 8/10

Touch - Not much to say here - 9/10

Sight 5/10 - wear glasses but I can get by without. Why would I though, obv.
Smell 8/10 - apart from hayfever month where it drops down to about a 2.
Taste 9/10 - worked in kitchens for years, generally quite good at isolating tongue sensations. Drops down to a 2 in hayfever month too.
Hearing 7/10 - definitely listened to too much loud music but still fairly good.
Touch 7/10 - quite bad at temperature but notice any little thing touching me

Trying to get away with 20/10 for touch I see. Sneaky.