Rate your year out of 10


Nothing happens in December. Nothing. Shit parties for twats and everything is too expensive.

So ignore that. Rate your year!

In addition to the poll give me reasons.

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Too many weddings/10


Don’t know how to number it. First half of the year was all spent dealing with terminal illness and a horrible bereavement. Second half was spent dealing with impending parenthood. Also moved flat and got a new job.



It’s been a bit of a fucking stinker in all honesty mate. Big cloud hanging over my relationship, my dog died, my Nan had a stroke, my nephew was hospitalised for a week with some ultra-rare condition, Brexit, Trump, United are shit. Looking for a big improvement from 2K17 frankly.

Positives were the work I took on with the latest game being very rewarding, trips to Milan/Uganda/Zanzibar being good and the FA Cup final.


I am feeling similarly like it’s a bit all over the place.

On the one hand: first year of marriage and a bit has been a winner. Got a cat. Got enough savings together for a house. Travelled to fun places with good people.

On the other, dad’s illness has gotten worse every month, so it’s taken the shine off…pretty much everything.

A seven then, because i am always optimistic/grateful. But I probably mean a 5 :frowning:


The birth of our second kid should really mean the year scores an 11 but the stresses and strains of coping with two kids (neither of whom seems to have any apreciation of the concept of sleep) has been absolutely brutal on all levels (work, relationship, physical and mental health).

As such it’s a solid “5/10 - hope it all settles down next year”.


fucking hell where are all the happy people? this is NOT a good average. come on someone!


This would’ve upped my year to a seven. Hope this helps.


no major complaints
wanted to move into our new place early this year but didn’t happen til september so spent most of the year in a very cramped studio flat getting on eachother’s tits
went back to freelancing, got some good work but had some pretty bad downtime too, having to take a company to court to get paid
made an album
was pretty broke


my heart bleeds for the people of DiS


This year as a family:

  • second child arrived safely
  • moved from Sheffield to Wigan
  • I started a new job and that’s gone really well
  • TV found a really good job and started a couple of weeks ago after mat leave. Super convenient and lots of progression opportunities
  • house sale finally went through and purchased a really nice house
  • Both children are happily settled into nursery/pre-school


  • family bereavements
  • lack of a decent family holiday
  • financial pressure with wife on maternity leave
  • general tiredness due to commute/kids/work etc

Overall I’ll call it a 9/10. Next year is going to be awesome when we can finally start doing some decent decorating in the house and the kids start to sleep a bit better!


There are two competing forces at work for me. On a personal level, this year has overall been good - got the refurb finished and moved into our house, our niece was born, did a couple of half marathons, had a lovely holiday, parents came through a couple of health scares okay, but all of that is overshadowed by what’s going on in the world where, with the Tory government, Brexit and Trump, I’m more convinced than ever that things aren’t getting better.

And I can’t separate the two, and I’d be wouldn’t want to be the kind of person who could.


you’d have one less kid i guess etc


Bad is still ongoing father in law issues and related TV issues. Brexit and Trump obvs.

Good is starting my PGCE at last. My kids are great, got a new niece last week.

Always an optimistic type do went for an 8.


Been an emotional year?


Oh but @jontosh2001 and @CeeJay my almost 8 yr old still waking me up every night :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::zzz::zzz::zzz:



There’s been a lot of peripheral shit going on. Everything related to politics plus dealing with the fallout of my parents’ much-needed divorce.
But I got married and it was the most perfect day imaginable. No amount of peripheral shit can knock more than a couple of points off the 11/10 feeling of that day. Ceremony was beautiful - reduced plenty of men to tears, weather was glorious, venue was beautiful, speeches were outstanding, everyone had a terrific time chatting and dancing.

Other pluses:
Honeymoon (Iceland and Greenland)
Outstanding climbing trip to France
Promotion at work
Hammock’s album Everything and Nothing




World continuing to slide down the pan aside, a darn good one for me.

The tv got a new job at the start of the year, making her immeasurably happier, which had a knock-on effect on everything and it’s all pretty swell now. Getting better at making music, started doing visual arts again, had some good trips abroad, found loads of great music to listen to (happens every year but right now I’m excited about the current batch).

Just a shame about all the racists and millionaire twats


2/10. 2017 had better deliver on an improvement

+quitting PGCE I hated
+spent some time in Italy

-hated PGCE and made me ill
-own ill health
-family illness
-having to see loathed family members due to said illness
-logistics of family illness
-being broke
-getting priced out of London, but not being able to afford to settle anywhere yet
-cat died
-had way less fun than I would like due to illnesses/money
-Brexit/Trump/Rise of far right


also joined up on this forum, which is doing wonders for my online clout