Rate yourself

yeah, cheddar’s the most popular cheese because it’s one of best and most versatile cheeses


You can be smarter, funnier, nicer etc. than, idk, a baseline average while still being completely unremarkable because so many other people fall into the same category as you, can’t you. Like being 6’ tall. It’s taller than average, but no one is gonna pick you out as tall as your defining characteristic. Reckon that’s me.

Wonder what people are most and least “accurate” rating themselves on. Gut tells me most people saying their 6 or 7 in intelligence are as or more intelligent than most people saying 9 or 10, but that people giving themselves 9 or 10 for looks probably are.

I used to fancy Zoe Wanamaker so that counts for something!

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you can’t rate those things on a single axis

I’ve also been very self conscious about my looks, especially I was younger, extremely skinny and with a huge head. Now I’ve filled out a bit I’m far more comfortable in my skin.


I don’t think that’s true … Most people will have found someone physically attractive without knowing anything else about them. Some won’t, I respect that, but it won’t be a majority position.

Just idle wondering, loads of reasons that no one can “accurately” rate themselves at anything.

it’s more complex than a 1-10 scale, certainly

like, average in a non-qualitative sense is what tends to be most attractive to most people, but it’s an umbrella of averageness, isn’t it?

not articulating this well at all. gonna finish my food and come back to it

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Reckon there are far more components to ‘physical attractiveness’ than we can truly rate about ourselves

when you find someone else attractive it includes a whole bundle of conscious & unconscious stuff that you can’t begin to detect by looking at yourself in a mirror


Took me ages to grow into my face - got a big old nose and it didn’t really work for me until about 33-40.

I now kind of feel I’m on a downward slide and at certain angles, my grey and wrinkles now make me look proper ancient.

How attractive i feel nowadays very much depends on which pub toilet mirror I’m looking in and how many pints I’ve had.

As far as kindness goes i have to work on this as i rarely turn someone down for a favour and hate letting people down but sometimes i can just not think and can border on the selfish/inconsiderate until my brain kicks in or someone prods me.

7/10, I try to be nice but I can be pretty grumpy/short with people at times.


Absolute banger mate

It has come with age, realising like @safebruv says that nothing really is that important in the great scheme of things so always do the best for yourself.

Also self affirmation really works and looking at yourself in a positive way. Reframe your thoughts to be thankful.


I rate myself classic Theo

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Torn between karate student and incredibly upset teacher

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I did send that photo to “Karate Girl” when she turned up on social media one time and she found it hilarious to see what she’d been wearing. Although, TBF, not sure any of us come out well.

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