Rats Rats Rats



Lovely animals. I used to have pet rats, and I miss them. Like tiny little dogs, but sadly only live a couple of years.


I knew someone with pet rats. Lovely animals.


They seem like a GBOL but I wouldn’t choose to own one


Radical rat.


They are lovely, but unfortunately I’m allergic to them. My brother used to have two, and they liked to climb up your sleeve and emerge from your collar to sit on your shoulder. Every time they did this I’d break out into a dreadful rash.


Big fan of using ‘rats’ in the Peanuts/Snoopy vernacular.


Got some in my loft at the moment. Not feeling so warmly towards them…


Who was it had pet rats? One of the DiS Females…?


Scoutinho innit


Fidel, oh wait no he was a LOVE RAT


Thought that was Scagden…?


Teach them to play fetch and come when called?


Nicely done.


Seems a bit harsh to compare some lovely fluffy rodents to him?

(I have genuinely crossed the road to avoid fidel in real life before)


Real music.


I’m letting a professional take care of it before they finish destroying everything that’s up there :frowning:


You haven’t got any kids, have you? Be careful if you do.



My song choice was better.