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This one would work, if you could pick when the individual tracks start…

(takes about 1m00s before it gets to where I wanted it to be)

There’s the only no-one other way I know.

Outro from 2:30 is where it’s at.

This is genuinely absolutely mint.


Almost feels like cheating to use Blue Monday, but I’ve played around with these two on vinyl in the past so was intrigued to see how it turned out.


That’s awesome

Just checking my theory that all of Confidence Man’s tracks are a mixture of Groove Is In The Heart and Good Life*…

*Obviously, this is a good thing :+1:

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For @1101010

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What if I don’t want it? :thinking:

Fuck That; Let It Go

(tried the mashup, but the rave.dj site is slooooooow, or hangs)