Ravioli on toast

Very classy dish IMO

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It’s the Waitrose version of Spaghetti Hoops on toast.


Woah! That’s a lot of toast in this particular dish!

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Not sure about the cheese - or the rav/toast ratio.

That toast

  • Needs another minute
  • I like it done rare

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Get off his back, mate ffs

what is inside those raviolis?

I never knew

he needs a better toaster is what that toast really needs

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I think that looks like the bread is taller than the toaster is and could have done with a rotation at the midway stage

Agreed, he’s only got 60% coverage there. Seems like one the heating elements might have gone

hoists up utility belt, puts pencil on ear

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Might not be a “He”.

(Definitely is though obviously)

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I just said I wasn’t sure! That’s too much toast to the rav IMHO, Ant. TOO MUCH.

I’ll level with you, I agree. I just think Jordy could do with some support at the minute.

Well the ravioli does look superb!


The problem isn’t too much toast though - four slices is standard. It’s the inadequate serving of ravioli.

Good lord no - two slices of toast (MAX) in any one meal.

I’m afraid this is the hill I’m willing to die on. Are you?