Ray Winston

Fucking do one.

Peter Egon

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That was weird. Ray Winston’s voice on CGI Sean Bean.

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Saw him ages ago in some terrible film about the Tudors in which he played King Henry VIII with a cockney accent “Oi, Wolsey you slaaag!”. Best thing about it.

I remember that one.

Hes an ok actor but I think he’s squandered every ounce of goodwill now.


sexy beast is good




Don’t care, he’s fucked it now.

An’ we gamboool reeeespawnsableee wiv…

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My word…

'av a bang on that

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Still think of him as the guy from Birds of a Feather. When I looked it up he was only in one episode of the first series or something.

He was great in Scum.

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Look I’m not denying it. But he’s cancelled all that out now.

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He is no longer the daddy :frowning:

You are correct.

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I thought Vincent was quite a good series.

Also saw him in a boxing film recently called Jawbone which was okayish.

He’s given several good performances. All for nothing now though.

Is this his disembodied levitating head again?