Rayan rescue

This story is stressing me out. Hope they manage to get him out

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What story?

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Wish I hadn’t asked now, that’s real worst nightmare stuff. Hope there is a happy outcome but that’s a long time he’s been trapped there given the likely injuries from the fall.

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I know it’s really upsetting. Being a matter of metres away from your child but unable to help is every parents worst nightmare. Really hoping they are able to get to him. Sounds like his injuries are relatively minor and they’ve been able to get food, water and oxygen to him. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Saw this on the news yesterday expecting the end of the report to show him being winched out, but no he’s still there, horrific.

They’ve got to him, and he’s alive and breathing, but they’re still working to get him out. THis has made me feel so tense for the poor lad.


Out of the well, condition unknown right now

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Tragic news I’m afraid

Oh man, horrible.

Know this is going to play on my mind for days.

Really thought he’d make it

Poor kid. RIP

Christ :cry: