Re: music that you listen to at specific times, in specific moods


there are some albums I listen to in the dark almost exclusively, just out of habit, and I find they become a bit of a crutch, that I don’t really listen because of this.

yesterday I listened to ‘Untrue’ (Burial obv) with the lights on, feeling generally brighter and more switched on.

right now, I’m listening to ‘And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out’ (YLT obv) in a switched-on daytime kinda mood.

in both instances, it’s like I’m rediscovering all the different colours and dimensions in the music. pretty great.

anyone else get this?


I usually listen to Elliott Smith a lot in February, although not this year. I think it’s because February is so rubbish and grey and there’s not much to look forward to and I’ve usually failed at whatever I decided to do in January, which seems to fit pretty well with the feelings he tries to get across in his music (not trying to say I know how depression feels just because I’ve listened to Elliott Smith BTW)


this is exactly the kind of music/mood combo I fall into. I could do with taking ‘Elliott Smith’ or ‘Either/Or’ out for a brisk walk in the fresh air.


I listen to Burial almost exclusively while travelling in a vehicle at night. The best part of going out is listening to Burial while on a nightbus (checking my male privilege to feel safe on nightbuses of course). I think this is fine.


best ever listen to Burial for me was back in winter '07/'08 on the shuttle bus from halls to uni in the evening. old double-deckers. icey cold, rattly, a certain quality to the light…

I got into the habit of only listening to his stuff in my room in the dark on headphones, though. bad times. ended up strung out on the sad elements and neglecting to feel all the nuance.


2010 for me: In McDonalds as I strode into Maccy Ds at 1am to get a double cheeseburger.


Remember that thread on the old boards that claimed that if an album can only really be listened to at certain times and in certain places then it’s not a good album?


To some degree i do this with all music. Cant imagine listening to the drift outside on a bright summer day. Wouldnt listen to fleetwood mac in the dark on headphones.


I don’t, but that’s obviously not true and just one of those myopic DiS-type things to say…


on occasions recently when I’ve been walking home in the dark feeling bleak, I’ve tried to put on something that’s nothing of the sort. Q and not U, Cap’n Jazz, Olivia Tremor Control, colourful stuff?

feels good to shake your brain out of habits.


meh not really. there’s pretty much albums that require intense concentration to get the most out of and those that don’t.


I have a similar thing with My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. I was on the train at night and one of the tracks came up on shuffle and it was perfect. I always listen to it if I’m travelling at night now.


Interestingly, I always thought of “And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out” as sort of a subdued, nighttime sort of album, probably because of the cover art, but I think “Tony Orlando’s House” and their version of “You Can Have It All” have a certain calmness to them. Never listened to a huge amount of Yo La Tengo though. I tend to go for more straightforward, fast-paced stuff like Superchunk and Texas is the Reason for my “switched-on” mood music


thing is, even their noisy songs sound intimate, which is one of the things I love about them.

Superchunk are cool (I’ve never listened to Texas is the Reason, sorry :pensive: ), but they just don’t have the same depth that I get from YLT - this is more about the sound of their music, I think, because there’s a lot more to Superchunk’s lyrics than most indie rockers, tbf.