Re-textured Festival 2020

After this year’s fantastic festival line-up next year’s ain’t looking too shabby either.

Tempted by Sophie/Eartheater

Anyone else thinking of going?

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Going to the Tobacco Dock event. Saw the early bird tickets on sale a few weeks ago and thought why not. It’s a solid line up!

Yeah, for 30 quid, how could you say no to that line-up?

Looking forward to seeing who else is going to announced as there are still 3 slots empty. Hoping for Andy Stott again (Jasss is playing again, so why not?) as I missed him at this year’s festival.

Probably gonna do the all-dayer and E1 after - good line ups for both, if a bit similar to last year. Shame they’re not using some of the more interesting venues again like Silver Building.

What does [Live] mean? Why wouldn’t it be live?

As opposed to a pre-recorded DJ-mix.

Let’s have Andy Stott, Demdike Stare and Raime all on one bill, please. That would be perfect. Keep missing Demdike…

At this rate I’ll probably do the all dayer for sure, at least.

If it was a DJ set…

Nobody does that.


Planning on going for the day at Tobacco Dock, excellent line-up so should be a good one.

Looks like a pretty decent lineup but won’t be seeing Sophie after the last couple of disastrous shows I’ve seen. Last year had a couple of really good solid lineups so I’m hoping things are grouped together nicely.

The day/venue splits are all up on RA

Some nice additions added to this


really, really up for the tobacco dock date but have yet to convince anyone to go with me ha

You need to change your friends…

Line-up is stunning…I’m working that weekend :triumph:


Don’t let that stop you.

Go on your own. Can always strike-up a conversation or just bury your head in your phone or a book.

Im very likely going alone too.

I’ll probs be going on my own as well. DiSmeat?

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For London and the Uk but in London only. Hahahahah. Twats.