Re this

Any ideas?

I think a gentle comedy show about a community of avant-garde musicians would be good. Kind of like detectorists but with noise music.



Think you should be a professional thread title designer.


oh! -

I don’t think that job exists unfortunately!

I think there’s a real need for it.



How about a load of residents in a cul-de-sac fighting about parking spaces?

Called cull-de-ballsacks


Reckon you could do a kind of dark sitcom about a middle-aged band getting together to make an album at an isolated recording studio. Say they were big in the 90s, controversial, sexy, but now they’re all older, got kids, addiction problems, etc. One of the members took their own life and everyone suspects there’s more to it. But the members get together at this cottage in Wales and try to come up with music, even though they all hate each other. There’s a love interest (a local girl who delivers groceries to the farmhouse) and a mad housekeeper they’re all terrified of.

Julian Barratt would be in it for sure.

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This sounds dangerously like my idea for a horror film based in a dead end street called 'Kill-De-Sac’©

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I don’t like the title
but otherwise yeah! A great and very inspired idea!

you might have missed your chance with this

My Name is URL

Former DiS user becomes successful outside of the forum and is about to enter into the public eye but needs to cleanse his dubious posting history and apologise for online comments he made. He travels across the globe, but mainly Manchester, to put things right.


Are You Being Severed799?

A bawdy sitcom set on a slightly dusty and increasingly irrelevant online messaging board. @Severed799 stars as a humble thread-pusher under pressure from those pen-pushing mods, with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour along the way!

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Cull-de-ballsack is still available though?

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Tongue-in humour? This is certainly not what we are looking for!

Oooh matron!

WTF! Oh wait, no feature length film just yet, I’m safe.

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Rising Glamp

Middle aged DiS users Balonz and Warny-boy head to Glastonbury as part of their midlife crisis but inexplicably their yurt has been filled with helium. How will these two middle aged men get out of this one?


i like this idea a lot, and think it could work well coz (and i say this as someone who listens to and enjoys noise music) noise music is inherently a bit silly and i think most people who make and enjoy it are also aware of its inherent silliness

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however I have a dark secret I like to sever heads