Re this

Yes!!! it might be a bit niche but fuck it

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camp glance to camera We all like to serve head, dear!

Studio laughter

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like detectorists meets nathan barley or something

Honey I Shrunk The Economy

Come Down With Me

not a sitcom but instead of cooking dinners, 5 people meet and get off their nuts each night at someones house. show broadcasts the morning after

that is come dine with me though?

How do you get jobs doing scriptwriting and interesting-sounding things like that?

I’ve never come across a job like that on a job search website, but that’s because I’m so unimaginative and unambitious when searching for jobs.

I always feel like I should be looking for a boring job I don’t really want to do because I’ve been conditioned to think ‘that’s life and I should deal with it’, rather than look for something I actually want to do.

Scriptwriting isn’t really a 9-5 job with a set career progression, but if you’re actually interested, this is a good resource:

The best thing to do though is actually write stuff.

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Soundtracked by

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You could pitch it as Snowpiercer meets 28 Days Later.

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Train to Busan?


Was that the joke? I just don’t know with this place anymore

that sounds great

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the TV company would force you to change it to a heavy metal band

wouldnt work as well i dont think. me and budgie will go it alone!

That won’t work at all!!!

Me, @Ruffers, ??? Ol’ Douchie?

I know! I believe in your vision but the suits upstairs say that no one will understand what a “noise” band is

I’m in!

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