reaching adult status

Imagine being #nokids and a #cannotdrive. Forever deficient :frowning:


You’re basically an embryo

Uhhhh maybe this year?

I’m getting married soon and feel like I’m a child bride.

I’m not old enough for this!

Tbf the ceremony bit feels quite adult and profound

And then minutes later your mate Greg is face down from drinking too much wine and you’re like ‘okay no, still a kid’


Probably last year. Got a flat to myself and had to buy all my own furniture, settled into a job where I can have a career, felt really like I had finally recovered from the trauma of 2019 (which simultaneously aged me and made me act like a child star going off the rails a bit) and to a lesser extent the shocks of 2020. Also I always assumed that when my friends had kids I’d drift away from them but if anything my friends having a kid has brought me way closer to them - I want to be a cool but responsible (unofficial) auntie.

I think there are ways in which I’m still quite childish (i hang out with my parents more than any independent adult should do and they give me lifts all the time because I can’t drive, whoops) and my love life is absolutely pathetic for a nearly 30 year old but as long as I don’t think about those things I feel quite sorted.

#nokids #cannotdrive #neverhadaseriousrelationship 30 in 2 months HELLO

I hate it too but read an interesting article about it 3 years ago on the rise of these phrases. The argument was that those in their 20s and 30s had been squeezed so hard by capitalism in terms of resources and time that the basic ‘adult’ stuff - everything from buying a house to basic chores like dusting - was actually an achievement because the system had become so difficult. So what’s deemed socially normal and “easy” and expected from everyone actually becomes something to ironically celebrate (but not for the boomers who had money and time in spades to do all that stuff with comparative ease).

I don’t think I’m ever going to be an ‘adult’ because I can’t ever see myself obtaining the sort of status that people who were adults when I was a kid had. It’s just never, ever going to happen. I’ll simply become old and try not to ruin my kid’s life too much along the way.

Noticed the other day that the literal only way to achieve a level of comfort/safety our folks had is for both of us to work full time and not have kids


Classic Greg


Probably when I stopped watching marvel films

Ha I feel exactly the same. Although I remember being really touched when my final grandparent died and my mum’s first words were “I’m an orphan now” - really jarring moment where a 60 year old describes themselves as that and obviously still sees themselves as a kid/daughter.


He’s a wrongun but we love him!

:fishing_pole_and_fish: :heart:

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^switched to DC films last week.

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Yeh just “keeping up” with bills etc. takes a monumental amount of effort these days. I don’t think being constantly contactable helps either as it can just makes you so consistently time poor and “always on”.




But 90% of jobs that offer a level of security we aim for (and a lot that don’t) expect ‘always on’

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Yeah realising I had loser friends who were now teachers, doctors etc was a good “ohhhh” moment for showing that it’s not like every professional suddenly got their shit together when their first pay check arrived