Read any good tripadvisor reviews recently?


And by good I mean scathingly critical. My favourite literature to read over books and that. Went to this cafe at the weekend. Probably worst cafe I’ve been to.


also, maybe just me, but this made me fucking lol, from the same place


I was looking at restaurant reviews for Skopje because I have to go there for work at some point and I want to get a feel for how grim it’s going to be.

This is on the page for the #1 place in town.


love reading reviews of Waltzing Waters on TA:



The problem is everyone only gives extreme reviews, i.e if it was just average most people don’t bother reviewing it.

I told the Mrs my Dragons Den idea is a review site called ‘2 Good 1 Bad’ whereby for every bad review you write you have to leave two others that are at least average so it balances out more realistically across the board as most places aren’t categorically awful.

She did not invest. I have lots of other terrible business ideas too :slight_smile:


I’m going to start a new thread!


This place that I visited yesterday. How not to respond to a bad review…


Not quite in order but you get the gist


Is that Forest Hill ice cream place on tripadvisor? @plasticniki


It wasn’t even that bad a review!


I like his username as well.


Hi, your cafe by the ferry took a very longtime to serve our food,and seeing as people are trying to catch ferries, this could be an issue for others as well.



Though the review itself didn’t deserve that response, particularly with the condescending self-pity there, the point about people leaving reviews who haven’t raised something with the establishment at the time is a valid one.

I do think that a lot of people don’t think about the impact that an online review can have on an establishment. While I assume most reviews I see are written by someone whose opinion I won’t agree with, when I’m looking for somewhere nearby to eat and glancing through a list of names, a descending search the average star rating will end up being my starting point.