Read Receipts


Why do so many things have read receipts on them these days? Why have they become so normalised?

Can’t turn them off on Facebook Messenger, it’s not an option.

Such a pain in the arse when someone gets annoyed because you didn’t reply to something. They should not have thatuch insight into whether I looked at it or not.

Sometimes it says I’ve read something that I haven’t too. Like if I’ve left my computer on at work or something.

Always some cunt moaning that I’m ignoring them. I’ve had enough.

Wedz Thredz

I’m considering opening a supermarket called red receipts and our USP will be in the colouring of our receipts. I mean TKMIXXXX may have done it already but are they a supermarket? No.


Unred Receipts would be more accurate, though? And then you can just keep your receipts white and not even have to put the effort in.


If this is your pitch to partner me you have just fucked it big style!


I’m considering opening a bakery called bread receipts and our USP will be in the bready nature of our receipts with the words toasted on by hand. I mean no-ones done this because it seems really inefficient and stupid, but fuck 'em.


Or it could be unbread receipts and have receipts made out of paper. Eh, Theo?


It could, yeah.


Best thing about having a burner phone.


if you get a receipt from the end of the roll, it can be all red


It usually just has a red stripe doesn’t it?


only if you’ve bought some of that fine jamaican beer


Might open a shop called Tread Receipts, the USP will be that you get your receipt stamped out on a bit of rubber


Thinking of opening a shop called Thread Receipts, the USP will be that the items on the receipt have been stitched onto it.


Might open a shop called Treat Receipts, the USP will be that it sells delicious fattening food but someone gives you a dead leg as you leave.


On FB messenger and WhatsApp I hope the person has made a concise and articulate message so I can read it, or get the gist of it, without having to open it and activate the fucking read receipt.


Can’t believe this @Scott_Chegg


Should’ve done a poll babe xxxxxxxx


I didn’t get a chance to ruin yours.


Fucking stupid and ridiculous that thread has been closed down.

I stand by what I said. I don’t think I was being mean. People will/are slagging you off and think you’re a knob if you setting read receipts! If that makes me mean then i’m mean so what who cares. It’s a fucking read receipt. Why is everyone getting so sensitive about read receipt opinions.


For such a trivial, pointless thread, it really doesn’t matter does it?

Someone was upset at how you spoke to them. Which is fine. If someone had spoken to you the way you spoke to them (“bit of a knob” etc.) you may not have reacted well either. I don’t think it’s sensitivity to your “opinions” but to what you actually said.