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This still isn’t funny, btw.

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fucking hell

would love to know how many copies this sold


Jackie was interviewed on Radio Two just before Christmas about it, so that might have pushed sales a bit

Yeah, not getting it tbh.

Can someone please explain what dis/ma0sm video had to do with it? Was it the first one? @ma0sm how did you find it?

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@HotBeefTrauma found it on the UK politics Reddit.
It got deleted there because it broke the rules of that subreddit despite getting a lot of attention (by that subreddit’s standards).
They shared the full video in the great things posted on social media thread.
I started watching, quickly realised it was amazing, but also realised no-one would watch an 80-minute video of this.
I spent a few hours editing the video, in the meantime @Scout had posted about it on Twitter, getting a retweet from Reece Shearsmith which also started to get some attention.
I then my 18-minute edit of the video on here and a few different places online
Then the shortened version (which got to the awfulness a lot quicker than the original) got very popular
In the meantime, some other people had posted even shorter versions on Twitter too.
I wrote some more about it not long after it happened


Woah no idea that all happened, and those little shits! I mean teenagers aren’t known for their good sense but I get @ttf’s comment now


Amazing to think that all of this time @sean had no idea that any of this happened until today


Merry xmas sean :gift:


It was around the time I was busy at work so wasn’t keeping up with the mega-threads, sadly.

No need to apologise, it’s just quite funny considering how much it exploded, you had no idea that inadvertently you played a part in it all.

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The POTW threads were good for this: if you had a busy week and just wanted to dip into the main events on DiS


Weirdly I haven’t noticed those threads. Did they have an obvious title?

They’ve not been around for a while, but people used to nominate a Post Of The Week which everyone else voted on. Was a good way of getting a flavour of the boards for the week, if you couldn’t engage much at the time.

then Ant started the Community Gold! threads to rival them and it caused a very bitter divide on the boards that still hasn’t been fully healed to this day


I wondered about bringing it back, but the poll got quite close to the cursed ratio so wasn’t sure there was an appetite for it

I think it would be a good laugh to have it again


I tried to bring in a “highly commended” category but I was the only one to commend posts highly.

the guy just sitting backwards is the best part of it imo

you’re the high commendor of the boards so that would work well imo

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