Reading and Leeds 2018

First announcement is pretty off putting (as ever) Kendrick Lamar, though.

I am so, so old


Poor Belly. They must have no idea.


enjoy A Boogie Wid Da Hoodie at Reading


I mean, there’s plenty wrong with this poster but how on earth are Papa Roach that far down?

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As if P!ATD didn’t give you the horn too!

I seem to recall kids miming that song into hairbrushes was the first big YouTube sensation

The Wombats are still a thing?

I have been known to enjoy much of their music, granted last time they played I was watching American Football instead, but I’d watch them bar clashes.

I mean Bicep (live) and a few other things look good too

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Pretty sure its the rapper, not the 90s indie darlings

state of that


Apparently. Had a new album out last week


I thought it was the 90s band too. Odd booking that would have been.

No Foo Fighters or Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Strange (not that I care).

SUM 41 there left in as a sense check to prove it must be a fake.

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Bicep live though, eh?


(I also thought, wow, poor Belly must have not seen a Reading line-up since about 1999)

interesting to see they’ve hired a magician

I feel like kol have headline 8000 times

Annie Mac… papa roach… :expressionless: