Reading and Leeds 2018

I’m refusing to believe Ski Mask The Slump God is a thing. They’ve made that up. No amount of evidence to the contrary will convince me otherwise.


It’s pretty amazing how many grime and rap artists are on there though. Back when I was going as a teenager it was rare to see any black artists on the on the lineup.


line up looks good to me. could go to that and have a good time if were not for all the boisterous young people enjoying themselves being unbearably young and boisterous


Or in the crowd tbh. (I went once, in 91)

Remember seeing 50 Cent getting bottled off in 2004 and deciding this probably wasn’t the thing for me so didn’t go again.

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Do 14 year olds still like Fall Out Boy and Kings of Leon? Isn’t that a bit like kids from the 90s liking hair metal?

not really sure. FOB have a new album out; no idea how it’s performing with the kids. They joint headlined with Biffy just 2 years ago and drew a reasonable but hardly significant crowd.

i’d never have guessed fall out boy as a headliner this year

they were never big enough to headline when emo was a big mainstream thing, so why now?

dua lipa and sum 41 would be an incredibly funny run to see but I’m almost 30 ffs
there are no teenagers who like sum 41

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Getting annoyed at this though is like that NME thread. Sure it was good once but its changed to appeal to a broader demographic. Im sure when Blur headlined in 2001 , people who went to Reading in 1990 were shaking their heads


yeah, me neither, I thought it’d be Kendrick, Paramore, The 1975/Arctic Monkeys/Foo Fighters. especially as they did it 2 years ago. They had a lot of explosions and fire on stage from memory; maybe that’s what the kids these days want - I guess The PotUSA were right.

I made a playlist featuring each of the acts to get hyped for how much fun I’m going to have

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Mate. That falloutboy record is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. You might want to remove that off of the playlist.


it’s my song of the year!

I know it’s just a number but you’re the 8th wonder! it’s amazing

Enjoy Pendulum, etc.

Fall Out Boy completely reinvented themselves as some shithouse Black Eyed Peas of rock music when they came back a few years ago - sampling massive songs and just generally being even more awful than they were the first time round. They got fuckloads of Radio 1 play out of it though so now they’re probably bigger than ever.


This is what they sound like now

fuck me


I’m old but somehow there are bands on there that were shit when I was a teenager. Who the fuck is going to see Papa Roach and Sum 41 in 2018.


It’s only 7,437, but I know what you mean.