Reading and Leeds 2018


It’s only 7,437, but I know what you mean.


Is ‘Netsky B2B Jauz B2B Slushii’ a typo? Seems like what you might end up with if you put your elbow on the keyboard by mistake.


I’ve been at rock clubs in relatively small, remote towns like Blackburn this year and 18 year olds still sing along to Sum 41 and Papa Roach hits from when they were in nappies and know all the words.


Yeah, your standard indie/rock dj is still firmly rooted in 2005/6 if not earlier.


I worry about Dua Lipa getting bottled off by the Dark Fruits jockboys.


Do they still have the comedy tents etc?


Shall I go through these headliners, as well as previous ones, and list all their monthly Spotify plays (like I did for EOTR)?

Shall I fuck


yep, they will announce loads more


the more I look at it the more confused I am… it seems about 2/3 fairly coherently aimed at young people and about 1/3 a sort of demented tombola grab of your older acts


Was the same in 1995/96 when I started going down the indie disco. DJs played some current tracks but mainly ye old boring Stone Roses and Charlatans tracks…which became some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy since the other kids would then ask for Stone Roses and Charlatans tracks…so that’s probably what’s happened with the 18 year olds in Blackburn - they’ve all been schooled by one thirtysomething bloke who “remembers when music was good” :slight_smile:


but 12 years ago, you’d hear the same music they’re playing today. it seems a lot more difficult to get music from this decade played by those DJs today than it was to get contemporary music played 12 years ago.


Ah but probably the same DJ, playing the same tracks in the same order for 12 years :smiley:

Nobody’s ever tried to or wanted to oust him from the booth.


Generally ‘rock music’ has a much longer shelf life than other music, for whatever reason. Part of it is friends and siblings passing music around/down generations, part of it is heavy music fans being less fickle, part of it is – as stated above – clubs and magazines are just less concerned with fresh stuff all of the time.

As much as I would never listen to them, I think it’s pretty nice bands like Sum 41 and Papa Roach are still managing to make a living out of it without it being some sort of nostalgic cheesefest. They’re still relevant to what a certain subculture of kids are listening to.


Because it is not changing or innovating, perversely it ages better.


It’s refreshing to see a thread on this that isn’t all OMG WHERE ARE ALL THE GUITARS PROPER LADS PROPER TUNES etc. Brownie points to DiS.


Reading and Leeds exist within an isolated bubble of their own. Someone mentioned on another thread that PATD are co-headlining with Kendrick, which doesn’t look implausible from the poster but is kinda ridiculous in 2018. If any other festival tried that, they’d be laughed out of town.


he’ll probably do a collab with them knowing Kendrick


Was also at Satans Hollow in Manchester last month and the teenagers/students who looked barely 20 sang along merrily even to obscure Scuzz TV pop punk from 2003 like Allister and Yellowcard in the back room. On the main stage the DJ dropped that well known metal anthem… Man’s Not Hot and the 30+ Lemmy wannabes walked away sighing, while the yoof received it really well. I think if it proves anything it’s that even when the line up is shoite, Leeds/Reading knows it’s audience



Cracking room that back one