Reading and Leeds 2019

First acts:

Fair play to them for covering a broad range of music. Obviously none of it appeals to me in the slightest but definitely seems to reflect how little people care about genre anymore.

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yeh that’s shite

I do not care for this line-up that is not at all aimed at me.


I only recognise BFS from that Saturday list. Obviously totally out of touch.


Who the hell is this guy???

Oh thank God


An illegitimate child?


He looks a lot like my mate Mark but with longer hair.

Classic Mark.

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You know who I bloody love;

Postman Malone
Juice World
Fat Camel
Teflon Dan

Can’t wait.


how are The DIstillers that high up

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Just bought my tickets, got 10% discount for being a barclaycard user. Not that fussed about a lot of it yet, but right up for The 1975, Hayley Kiyoko, Billie English and Camelphat. Stefflon Don is pretty decent too. Not impressed with no women being represented in the headliners again, though.

It is hilarious to me to see ‘Bowling For Soup’ in amongst a number of acts that have been made up to make me feel old.



Anyway, I consider this a fake announcement until they have announced Jimmy Eat World and The Courteeners.

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They’re only the band Hamfatter could’ve been!


I was thinking the same. They barely scraped above perennial support band level back in the early 2000s and it turns out they haven’t released anything since 2004?!

“lads, who is doing the Papa Roach slot this year…NO WOMEN!”

Presumably Foo Fighters now play this out of some awkward sense of obligation, basically having the key to Reading and Leeds by this point.

Reckon the distillers would be great fun

^ he ain’t no camelphat guuuurl