Reading and Leeds Festival 2020

Pretty amazing for hiphop - I’d be thrilled with that. Shit for everything else. I felt like the 50-50 split for female artists at Primavera really changed the dynamic of attendees. Maybe that’s not true - but it FELT less male and in a wonderful way. My teenage years at Leeds tell me that would be a good thing for this festival…


Is the arena bigger than it used be at Reading or does nobody give a fuck about sound bleed?

Yes, it’s much bigger. Red line was what I remember 1999 to have been. Green Line is approximate current arena.


One of the Saturday main stage acts has a female singer, but I’ve literally already forgotten which one, so that’s a grand total of THREE acts on the main stage!

Yeah, it’s Mabel, Lady Leshurr, and I’ve now discovered is the third Bloxx as well. Two of which are currently the bottom listed artist, and one, second from bottom.

And who is Gerry Cinnamon and why is he second on the main stage at Reading?

My mate books at a sizeable indoor arena. Apparently he sold out two nights in a row and they made record bar profits both nights.

Sounds like a solo Mumford and Sons, but boozier. Almost entirely without merit. Sounds like the kind of thing the LG crowd will mainline.

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Aye a bit of research suggests he has a couple of big singles, especially for that type of act. Guess they’re banking on it being a massive breakout year for him, and they probably know what they’re doing.

Really weird how Cinnamon and Sam Fender seemingly just appeared from out of nowhere huh. Anyone ever catch them on the toilet circuit? Anyone ever see them support anyone else? Can anyone whistle one of their songs to me?


Should probably OK boomer myself for this one


Nah they’re not a real band

The tv saw Sam Fender at 10 ft tall in Cardiff a couple of years ago. Not following him since, was a bit surprised when I told her hes playing the CIA in march

Not a very good gender split at all as others have said. But looking at individual bands/artists think this is one of the better R&L lineups in recent years.

Danny Brown headlining one of the small tents would be mad fun

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Basically a bad Limmy sketch that has gained sentience.


An over-emotive lad-indie singer with a cult laddy following, especially in his native Glasgow. I’ve tried to give him a chance, as I do with all artists who aren’t on trial in the Hague, but I ultimately find him painful to listen to. Especially the voice.

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Are Two Door Cinema Club really that big?

They’ve turned the Leeds against girls

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They still get Radio 1 support I think. A lot of these artists, especially the younger guitary ones like Sam Fender are massive in Radio 1 land, though especially with streaming recently fragmenting tastes and demographics so much, not sure how close that is to the average DiSer’s radar.


Fender, yes, as he has several good and memorable songs (and a few fans or at least tentative admirers on this forum from the Boss influences.) Cinnamon, I’d struggle.