Reading books in 2022

Same thread as last year, only with another 2 in the title.

This is my TBR pile as of 1st January. Some books will come in, and some will come out, but the overall amount probably isn’t going to change much by December…

How about you?


Very excited for reading this year.

Have started Sankofa by Chibundu Onuzo today and already 25% through.

Lot of my want to read is on Kindle…going to start Understory again, Shuggie Bain, The Fell, Great Circle.

Going to start a spreadsheet I reckon as Goodreads seems to lose a lot of what I put on if I don’t remember to add it to reading and then finished.

Got into the habit of adding anything that gets recommended here or by writers I like on Twitter to a big list and waiting for them to drop to 99p on Kindle (in addition to buying stuff I want at proper prices).

Last lot of 99p buys were this lot:


I’m currently reading a collection of Witcher stories.

They’re quite good even though I’ve seen them all on Netflix.

I’ve got about five other books in the go at the same time (mostly work-related) so will make an effort to finish one of them before I go back.

Starting strong


Been missing my Japanese fix recently so visiting my local library on Wednesday to pick up:

People From my Neighbourhood - Hiromi Kawakami
Sanshiro - Natsumi Soseki
Breasts and Eggs - Mieko Kawakami

I’ve bought a Kindle recently, and have a 3 month subscription to Kindle Unlimited, which is fine and I’m finding some good books, but not many so doubt I will keep that going afterwards. But I’m adding other books to a list to maybe purchase later, especially if the price goes down - is there a way to set up alerts for when/if that happens, or do you just regularly/occasionally check your list to see if they’re cheaper?

Oh, I read Mockingbird a few years ago and really loved it, so fingers crossed you’ll like it too!

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Currently reading Nation by Terry Pratchett (non-Discworld), decent so far

My to-read pile is largely the same as it was at the start of 2021, but towering higher. Gave up on a load of books the past year. Going to endeavour to pick better, but I think it was largely related to my brain than the books. Been enjoying reading more recently, so feeling positive.

Finishing off The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner at the moment, then going to get spooky with Dark Matter by Michelle Paver.

Wish I’d known about this before Christmas! My wife would have loved it!

My current To Read pile. I think I only got through 7 or 8 books last year so hoping to at least get through all these this year. Almost 100% certain I’ll add to the pile before I even get done with half of it.


Piranesi is quite a quick read and an excellent novel


I think I’m going for it next after I finish my current book

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I pre-ordered it on 25th Oct and it only just arrived! You could get for a Valentine’s Day pressie?

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Good idea!

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Reading this currently


Not posting my To Read pile as it’s about 150 books strong


I think Infinite Jest will keep me busy for a while

Got a big to read list in my head though

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How is it?!

Yeah from what I’ve seen of Kindle Unlimited it lacks big hitters in the authors.

I pare mine down, stuffing ones I know deep down I’ll never read into other lists.

This year I’m going to try to use Storygraph properly again.