Reading books in 2022

I finished The Magic Toyshop (weird gothic kitchen sink mashup; reminded me why I didn’t like Angela Carter as a younger man) and started Neuromancer (didn’t like it in my twenties and I’m finding it much the same now).

Started a re-read of Cat’s Cradle primarily because I was taking a train the other day and needed a book that would fit in my coat pocket. I’m enjoying it, but as Autumn is approaching my mind is drifting towards what my witchy haunty Halloween reads will be


this has reminded me that there used to be (maybe still is) a hippy shop in Nottingham called Ice Nine.

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It pisses me off how bad the last three books were, especially because the fourth book was so gooood

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Although that feels revisionist even though I agree: when I first read Wizard & Glass I remember feeling quite cheated because so much if the book wasn’t progressing the contemporary story. I recall thinking it was weak but on re read it was absolutely great.

This also holds true for me with A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. Just enjoying my time with great characters on the re read.

Also the dangers of moving on from old classics like The Wizard of Oz and dragging in Harry Potter probably means that 5th book has aged even more poorly now :grimacing:

Hmmm. Just finished Wolves of the Calla today, and I really, really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to keep going, but will follow the paths recommended

(totally agree, the HP reference right at the end was really fucking grating)

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Wizard and Glass is great because it’s a story in itself, and it explains so much of the backstory of Roland. All the stuff he’s hinted at about his friends and childhood.

I’ve read the whole series twice and I have started again. I would say the last ones are too long and get too meta. But the first ones make up for it.

The set pieces where Roland finds the others and travels to our time and his bad-assness are worth the price of admission alone.

Also, one you’ve reached the tower and reread, there is some merit in the whole thing. Deliberately vague…

Hi. I am slowly getting through The Expanse (if anyone wants book #2 for free message me) and I can’t believe Miller is still alive I can’t wait to see his stupid hat on the TV show again

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Just finished The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa. Recommended by someone here, @plasticniki perhaps? Loved it, would highly recommend.



Amazing book. The old man! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I couldn’t get into this for some reason.

Will give it another go


Loved this book

I expected to really like this but it bored me.

Reading challenge progress: 51/71

Been a bit slow with my reading the last few weeks. Finished the second Monk and Robot book by Becky Chambers yesterday, I loved the first one but found this a bit boring.

What should I start next?

  • Jamaica Inn - Daphne De Maurier
  • Fledgling - Octavia Butler

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I wouldn’t say it bored me but I would argue that it’s a bit too long. I prefer The Housekeeper and the Professor, which deals with the same theme of memory but is more succinct. Packed more of a punch because of that.

I just got Jamaica Inn from the charity shop last week, lmk how it is if you choose that one!

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Jamaica Inn is great! Been there for lunch and had a look round the little museum too :slight_smile:


I just bought Fledgling on Kindle this morning. I finished my last book yesterday, so might make it my next one.

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Ouch, frankly.