Reading books in 2023

Like last year, but one louder.

Traditional photo of the TBR stack as of Jan 1st. One of these books was in the same pile this time last year…


not shown, twenty odd books on the Kindle as well. Can’t resist a 99p bargain.


Going into 2023 without a TBR pile. Feels good.

Want to read more horror, Irish authors and natural history this year. Haven’t got anything lined up yet outside of raiding the books my parents have finished since the last time I was home for when I fly back.

After a few years where I didn’t read very much at all I suddenly read six books in the last few weeks of last year.

Today I just finished the first novella in Rouge Street by Shuang Xuetao, which I found on the New Yorker’s books off 2022 list. I’ve never read any Chinese literature before, and I’m finding the style and structure is taking some time to get used to, but I’m really excited to read the other two stories.

Oh yeah, time to start reading again.

I bought The Black Company on a 99p special at some point last year so that’s first up.

Only got two books for Christmas this year: No Longer Human, and The Female Man. Both have superb covers and sound completely like my thing, so I’m looking forward to getting into them after The Dispossessed.

The present stack

Already a few stories into Florida @anon45164313 - definitely getting more from it than I did with Fates and Furies


Also sorry about True Crime Story, I promise I’ll try to hate it like you did!


Currently reading:

Vonnegut - God Bless You Mr Rosewater
Duerden - Exit Stage Left: The Afterlife of Popstars

To read from last year:
Zamyatin - We
Jenner - Dead Famous
Bradbury - Illustrated Man

Got for Christmas:
Ratliff - Coltrane: The Story of a Sound
Delaney - Time Square Red, Time Square Blue

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Really enjoyed John Banville’s The Sea and heard very good things about Kevin Barry’s Beetlebone. Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman is wonderful too if you’ve not read it.


Third Policeman is top of the list, I loved At Swim-Two-Birds.


Had this for years and never managed to commit to it, might make this the year


SO bought me a couple of books for my birthday, the first one of which, The Island of Missing Trees by Elif Shafak, I’m looking forward to starting this week.

got new george saunders, david milch memoir, pratchett biography and a book teaches you how to tie knots for christmas. ive always wanted to know how to tie knots

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Just finished this and would happily recommend it to fellow fans of civil wars/depressing non-fiction.

Think I’ll start on the Mogwai man’s autobiography tomorrow.

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Was a couple of months ago, mind. Thanks anyway.

She’s chosen well, although I think she has an ulterior motive, trying to win me round to a holiday in Cyprus. Really good read though. Highly recommend. A lot of interesting themes being explored in a very interesting way.

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Loved Florida & The Trees was a great read last year. Need to try Bleeding Edge again as ended up sat in my like so long I ended up returning it after too many renewals.

Third Policeman is a real favourite of mine. A few people I know bounced off it, but it was right up my alley.


Had hoped to finish the King in Yellow before 2022 ended but am still only halfway.