Reading & Leeds Festival 2017

has a festival ever gone so far downhill?

think I’m officially out of touch, dont know half these people

That’s all it is. The festival hasn’t gone downhill, you’ve just got older.


Nah cause the bands I do know there are shite as well

fucking hell, what a line up!! when do tickets go on sale?


Now Lopers! says so in the link!

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I know this isn’t a festival for me anymore but it seems really odd they cant get a headliner who formed within the last 20 years (Kasabian having formed in 97)

The main stage stuff usually has mostly a bunch of guff for 2/3 days, but I remember there being a fair bit to enjoy on the other stages in the mid-late 2000s. Blood Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, The Bronx, 65daysofstatic, Future of The Left, Dinosaur Jr, Bloc Party and Biffy Clyro (when they were really good), Brand New, Battles, Fucked Up etc. Granted that’s spread over a few years.

I can’t speak for Reading but Leeds became a horrible atmosphere by the time I stopped going. Just groups of lads being horrible people and thinking they could get away with anything they did. Really unpleasant.

I reckon a lot of people going are ones who are interested in the music but are weighing up between going to a festival and going to Zante, Kavos, Ibiza, etc. That’s my generalisation anyway!


Tbf that line up seems fine.

cant wait for eminems new and relevant hot takes

Is pretty bad, but then I’m 32.

The days of new bands achieving super size headline status are over now though, surely?

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Quite looking forward to Pendulum


was having a drunken conversation about this recently with some folk, we found it difficult to name recent bands, say in the last 10 years even that will step up to the headlining the big festivals. i mean somebody is gonna have to

I’m pretty sure if I tried to get in this year I’d be escorted off the premises for being too old. At least Eminem is a little older than me.

Please understand that the following list of “bands who I believe could headline festivals” is by no means a list of “bands I really like”:

  • Blossoms
  • Royal Blood
  • Alt-J
  • The 1975
  • Temples
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This was the line-up for the only year I went.


Did you see Greg from DEP do a poo on stage

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Please list all the bands you saw, assigning a mark out of 5 for each performance (where possible).

It rings a bell. What’s worrying is the number of acts on that list that I really like, that I have no recollection of seeing.