Ready made products that bear very little resemblance to the home made equivalent


Not gravy, obviously.

Here’s the thing about this thread: I decided yesterday that I was going to make it, based on some real life inspiration, but now I cannot for the life of me remember what inspired it.






Yorkshire puddings. Homemade puff up and go big and awesome, Bessie’s are like ice hockey pucks


This is really bothering me now.


Carbonara (assuming you’re not home-making it like a complete twat)

EDIT: All* ready-made pasta dishes are fucking appalling. The very worst type of ready meal

*Excluding Charlie Bigham’s ofc


frozen roast potatoes :sob:


Apple pies. I don’t quite know how they make that gloopy mess that goes inside a shop-bought apple pie, and I don’t really want to know either.


panko breadcrumbs (they’re way better)


had some nice Tesco frozen spuds recently. they were ok, bordering on pretty damn nice.

from the Finest range fyi


im sorry mate but you didnt