Ready meals


Any out there which are ‘nice’ as opposed to just ‘acceptable/awful’?

Need something convenient for tonight that isn’t pizza.


Prepare yourself for the parade of Charlie Bigham Tories…


I really like asdas vegetarian “meatballs” and spaghetti


Just get a pukka pie, get some mash and beans.


Pretty much all the lasagnes are good or maybe I’m just too into lasagne.




Are any of them new tesco vegan ones good? My wifes had the sourdough pizza and said it ws decent


Get a Dine in for £10 job and scoff the whole thing yourself.


there’s a traditional pie and mash and liquor one I’ve been eyeing up for months but haven’t been able to bring myself to buy


Does ramen count as a ready meal? Ramen is thee best thing ever


If you think they’re all good then you’re not into lasagne enough.



  • Ready meal
  • not a ready meal

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Last week I ate 2 (two) Sainsbury’s chicken korma meals and two chapatis in a massive bowl as a single meal because I got home from work late and could not be arsed. Thanks for reading.


Show me a bad ready meal lasagne. Just try.


Those quorn ones are expensive but tempting. Anyone had?


I used to live off the Quorn cottage pie ready meal. It was fine.



Any of the findus-style, horsemeat, gloopy, sauce-swamp messes.


Oh me too actually in university, but it seems like they’ve revamped them all recently. Might just be new packaging.


i like quite a few of the Sainos finest type ones