Ready meals

Any out there which are ‘nice’ as opposed to just ‘acceptable/awful’?

Need something convenient for tonight that isn’t pizza.

Prepare yourself for the parade of Charlie Bigham Tories…


I really like asdas vegetarian “meatballs” and spaghetti

Just get a pukka pie, get some mash and beans.

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Pretty much all the lasagnes are good or maybe I’m just too into lasagne.

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Are any of them new tesco vegan ones good? My wifes had the sourdough pizza and said it ws decent

Get a Dine in for £10 job and scoff the whole thing yourself.


there’s a traditional pie and mash and liquor one I’ve been eyeing up for months but haven’t been able to bring myself to buy

Does ramen count as a ready meal? Ramen is thee best thing ever

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If you think they’re all good then you’re not into lasagne enough.



  • Ready meal
  • not a ready meal

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Last week I ate 2 (two) Sainsbury’s chicken korma meals and two chapatis in a massive bowl as a single meal because I got home from work late and could not be arsed. Thanks for reading.


Show me a bad ready meal lasagne. Just try.

Those quorn ones are expensive but tempting. Anyone had?

I used to live off the Quorn cottage pie ready meal. It was fine.

Any of the findus-style, horsemeat, gloopy, sauce-swamp messes.

Oh me too actually in university, but it seems like they’ve revamped them all recently. Might just be new packaging.

i like quite a few of the Sainos finest type ones