Real life crap Super Villain loses Wu-Tang album


There’ll be a film about this guy some day, right? What a strange story.

Clearly has some kind of empathy deficit disorder (since I don’t believe in actual evil).




Well, you should caremore!


absolutely guaranteed the album is rubbish


Always in the last place you look


I’ll go toe to toe with you over this album’s honour.

On second thoughts, yeah it’ll be a stinker for sure.


Perhaps he took it to a house party and forgot to put a sticky label on it with his name on.


Shall we all club together at the auction?


and fair play to them for taking a half arsed affiliate produced project, shoving it in a fancy box, and rinsing an idiot for $2m for it

also the clause in the contract that said they could stage a heist to steal it back was legitimately funny


Remember doing that with my Blue Monday 12" back in the day. Got it back with a massive beer stain on it


think the album was interesting as a statement about the value of art in the streaming age, but I’ve got no interest in actually hearing it as there’s no way it isn’t 100% shit


But if it wasn’t for your misfortune, I’d be a heavenly person today.


if he’s a real super villain then losing the album will all be part of his evil plan anyway and will somehow trigger a serious of extremely unlikely and impossible to plan for events (which he has somehow been able to plan for anyway) that will enable him to escape from prison or steal a nuclear weapon or something


I think the problem is that he’s a crap Super Villain though.

We’ll see, maybe he will hold the whole world to ransom before long.

I look forward to it.


Agreed. tbh I’m more concerned about that guy who has launched a car into space…


hate his fucking face so much. has anyone ever been more obviously a prick than this guy


he’s just trying to be a ‘heel’ for attention and people keep giving it to him


My sides! :smiley: