Real life dissing



There’s an old thread about this, but this is the new one/

-I was going to buy some basil yesterday, it was from jordan.
-I was told that some American golf fans were trying to put Rory McIlroy off playing golf. I said, “that’s not golf maaaaaaaan”

Now you can chip in if you like.

Wednesday 4/7

My bike has… a…carb…


did you have two chocolate bars at lunch today?


Deserves re-posting


for some reason this Tower Records ad makes me want to listen to The Peppermint Apes rather than the albums advertised


Fucking hell, Tower still exists?


there’s two in Dublin still. run as independents rather than chain stores now.


I put my phone in a bowl of rice over the weekend :iphone::rice:


They’re still big in Japan, too:



Classic @thewarn


like the film.

Happy Halloween!




So near! (So Spar)


alright Tom Waits


couldn’t you have waited 3 days???


The Royal Bank ABOUT Scotland


when i met up with hoogy jordan pnikkers and a few others during world cup 2014 i was drunkenly waiting for the boys toilet to be free when i noticed that the girls toilet door was missing a letter at each end so it said IRL

felt appropriate


Covering the lunchtime shift at mum’s pub. Just put this through the till…


You got Dave Grohl in by any chance?