Real life dissing



I was briefly thinking: what’s pagan got to do with moker?


Glad I wasn’t the only one.


‘No Moking’ is really excellent life advice tbf


Someone on a crime show was talking about bullets from an m16 and i laughed. Need to get a life.


Can’t believe you talk to you sooned them. So rude.


Another vote for not really funny “ha ha”.


That’s the 'broke.


I just awarded my boss indie points because he said his favourite Daft Punk song is a remix of a song that appeared on their soundtrack to Tron.



Was more that nobody else had actually mentioned it yet









Hi @Jook


Owning a gas guzzler AND having a personalised number plate… disgusting.



A girl on facebook posted a photo of her at a hen party looking a proper state, and I commented “Dinner?”, clearly meant in the DiS way of hilariousness.

She replied with “Sorry hun…”.

This is bad in two main ways.

    1. She did not get the joke
    1. I actually got inadvertently (and publicly) turned down. I didn’t sign up for this knock

Bad times, friends.



Look at my bullet points!

I’m off for a lie down.


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Single bingo complete.